Terms & Conditions for disputes

10 Disputes and Returns

10.1  Gatehouse Voucher Club acts as an intermediary between the customer “purchaser” and the supplier “merchant”.  The binding contract of sale is made between the purchaser and supplier and Gatehouse Voucher Club will not be held liable for any product or service which is deemed defective or unsuitable by the purchaser.  All returns required by the customer should be at all times taken up with the Merchant advertising on Gatehouse Voucher Club Ltd website.

10.2  Gatehouse Voucher Club Ltd will Act professionally and will encourage Suppliers or Merchants to make the required return purchase or financial or otherwise.  Gatehouse Voucher Club Ltd can authorise the right to remove any merchant who does not comply with England and Wales consumer law from its website.

10.3  If any money is deemed to be returned to purchasers from transactions undertaken from the Gatehouse Voucher Club Ltd, then refunds will be made back into the purchasers bank account –  within ten business days.

10.4  Gatehouse Voucher Club Ltd will not add any additional fees on any returns for profit purposes in any way.

10.5  Customers are advised not to make any purchases if they are not fully satisfied with this returns policy or any other part of these terms and conditions for the use of this site or any other commercial activity of Gatehouse Voucher Club Ltd

10.6 Gatehouse Voucher Club reserves the right to terminate any promotion at any time and without any prior notice

11  Advertising

11.1  Like many media advertisers some original photos are used and some are for illustration purposes only.  Check with the merchant you are happy with the product before you buy as Gatehouse Voucher Club is not liable for any dispute arising due to its adverts for third parties ie its advertisers and merchants.